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 About the Company

Sheng Jhou CO., LTD. was established in 1996. We mainly specialized in researching, designing, manufauring and developing any kinds of automobile locks, motorcycle locks, home-use hardware locks and key cylinders.


   The Mission Statement and Perspective of the Company


A.  Adopt fine production equipment and take the consistent work as the principle. From using and forging material to set up production control system, they are operated in coordination automation processing equipment to enhance the production efficiency and manufacture high quality products, which conform to the requirement of customers’ orders.

B.  Our plumbing projects are in accordance with domestic and foreign

  specification. We have been focus on manufacturing international and standardization accessories. We also have been devoting our efforts in advancing the standard of each kind of plumbing projects.

C.     We are a company with well-organized management system, not only take care of our employees’ living but also regularly improve the peripheral environment where they operate machines. We are willing to follow the trend of time and accept any kinds of new management ideas.

D.     Strengthen in developing the export market. Cooperate with overseas companies and organizations to make a well-built production and marketing line. To increase more selling strongholds overseas.

E.      We have been coordinating with the government’s industrial development. To elevate and improve our technology. We also participate in the promotion-counseling plan from mid- and small- scale enterprises in order to increase production-manufacturing efficiency.


   Global Business and Goal of the Company

We have been regarding “Sincere, Innovation, Specialization, Top quality, and Consideration for customers” as our first business idea. We respect our clients as an intrigue part of our business, and hence we set up distributor network in every country, creating the greatest market advantage with this impeccable relationship. We are also dedicated to the pursuit of technological breakthrough in our products and operation performance, as well as production quality and service. Our goal is to provide customers with competitive edge to help them compete in the international market. We always believe the company’s future relies on our continuous strengthening of the enterprises structure and the search for technological breakthroughs. For in accordance to 21st century new competitions tendency approaching, we persist in respecting and share honor to create a global village that is friendly, positive and joyful. The first policy of each department’s product quality and service is to satisfy customers’ needs and is always the first thing all the staff have been working on. We have been focus on improving our service quality and customers’ satisfaction by through mature management , continuous innovation and self- improvement. In line with the good faith of honest, stable and decent management idea, we are proud to offer our domestic and foreign customers high quality and stable products. In the future, we will still hold on this goal to work and serve for our customers’ needs continually.

 Our Prodcuts Series:

Gear Shift Lock for Car(top and side key hole gear lock, Pin type gear shift lock);  Car Steering Wheel Lock ;  Motor Lock ;  Home Door Lock ; Any Lock of Cylinders and Key series; Car Accessories ; LED working lamp, OEM/ODM the patent's products, etc...... 
nghua County- 50442, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Company address: No. 502, Minyi St., Sioushuei Township, Changhua County- 50442, Taiwan, R.O.C.
TEL: +886- 4- 7689596; 7689126        FAX: +886- 4- 7689298
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email address: tapeying@ms33.hinet.net




本公司成立於1996, 主要為專業各類汽車鎖; 機車鎖; 家庭五金門鎖及各類專利鎖心及鑰匙的研發設計及開發製造


  1. 使用優良生產設備以一貫作業為原則, 由取料鍛造開始, 制定生產管制卡, 配合自動化的加工設備, 提高生產效率, 製造優良的產品, 以符合買主定單的要求。
  2. 遵照國內外配管工程規格, 製造國際規格化, 標準化的配件, 發揮各種配管工程水準。
  3. 健全各項管理制度, 照顧所有從業人員生活, 改善及訂定員工操作的周邊環境, 配合時代潮流, 接受各種新的經營理念。
  4. 加強拓展外銷市場, 決定與國外各大商社 產銷配合, 構成銷售據點。
  5. 配合政府工業發展, 開發技術升級, 接受中小企業升級輔導計劃,以提昇各項生產製造效率。



念。為因應二十一世紀新競爭趨勢的來臨,我們堅持『以人為善』: 就是相互尊重、共存共榮。誠信、積極、關懷、負責的『行為守則』,及合要求、零缺點、不妥協、明是非、提昇效率的『作業精神』之企業文化。以創新策略及國際宏觀 ,創造優勢,迎向未來。「顧客滿意」是本公司各部門提供商品及服務的品質政策,也是全員品質意識的方針及共同努力的方向。透過管理活動、不斷的創新、自我要求,不斷的追求服務品質的改善和顧客的滿意度。本著誠信、踏實、正派經營的信念,為國內外各顧客廠商提供高品質、穩定性的商品,也一直不遺餘力的繼續朝這樣的方向目標努力以赴。


公司住址: 彰化縣秀水鄉鶴鳴村(郵編:504-42)民意街502號

電話: 04-7689596; 7689126  傳真: 04- 7689298

email address: tapeying@ms33.hinet.net 
skype在線: tapeying







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